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truck ordering process

order your truck in 6 steps

Be prepared with information about the specific application you will be using your truck. Contact one of our knowledgeable salesmen to start the process.
Our salesman will spec the truck for you in a back and forth process to make sure you have what you need.
Get the price quote & delivery estimate prepared by our salesman and make a decision!
If you are getting financed and waiting for approval – put a deposit on the truck. If you have cash on you – pay the cash wire transfer.
Once we receive the wires, send us proof of insurance & a copy of the drivers license (we usually provide a copy of the contract with the finance company as well).
Wait for the title of the truck (normally the same day but with covid processing it might take a few days longer). And you are ready to go!

We sell trucks across the u.s & around the world

We can make Kenworth trucks for specialty applications, and deliver them anywhere in the world. From the oilfields of Texas, to the gold mines of West Africa, we can make a customized truck to fit your needs. Contact us for a quote.

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